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What We Do

* We educate our members and the public on the benefits of buying locally, home-grown produce and products as well as how to raise and grow your own livestock and produce.

* We reach out to those who would like to learn more about Hobby Farming and help them become more self-sufficient through Hobby Farming.

* We teach about all the different aspects of Hobby Farming; from raising a few backyard chickens through maintaining a vast array of livestock and gardens.

* We practice healthy, safe, clean, and ethical means of raising our livestock and produce.

* We track local legislation that impacts the Hobby Farmer and actively participate in the debates and discussions about such legislation.

* We support each other through sharing of our resources, experience, and wisdom. through seminars, participation at local fairs and events, promotional and informational announcements via the local media, educational resources through our internet and Facebook sites.

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How We Do It

We are able to so much through the support of our members, people interested in learning how to be more self-sufficient, and our corporate sponsors.

Get Involved and see what a difference your support and/or donation can make.

We also share our message in other ways:

* Seminars and booths at local fairs and public events.

* Internet Media through our website and Facebook group.

* Public News Media, both print and TV.

* Our support of local businesses that endorse and supply the Hobby Farmer’s way of life.