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Our Vision
Hobby Farmers of America strives to be an effective and sustainable organization focused on educating the public on the “how and why” to buy local or better yet, grow their own food as a community now and for generations to come.

HFA fulfills these objectives through four main goals:

* Encourage the citizens to buy local meats and produce from local farmers and to open themselves to gardening and raising animals for consumption on their own property.

* Promote the interest of hobby farming by supporting everyone from children to senior citizens in the way of building projects on rural farms and backyard/urban farms, dealing with sick and injured animals, how to handle predators, and above all fellowship with other folks in the community who share the same ideas, goals, and interests.

* Protect the hobby farming, self-sufficiency movement through opposing legislation that would potentially hinder our right to do so, as well as supporting legislation that would allow us the opportunity to expand our homegrown livelihood.

* Advance the practice of hobby farming by hosting guest speakers and sponsoring educational classes on various topics that will increase the knowledge of attendees.

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Our Mission

We are like-minded individuals who wish to protect and preserve an honored and honest way of life that once laid the foundation for American ideals and practices.

We are families working to teach our children leadership, independence, and self-sustainability.

We are single parents struggling in this economy to provide the best we can for our children.

We are retirees looking for ways to extend our fixed incomes and who love the farming way of life. In other words, we are just like you.

We are the heart and soul of America.

Hobby Farmers of America serves as a custodian of the backyard farming and self-sufficiency movement to encourage, promote, protect, and advance the interest in hobby farming through education, advocacy, and action.

We are a 501c(3) non-profit agricultural organization funded by individuals and foundations that share our commitment to do all within our ability to support and uphold the interest in hobby farming.